Wrangler has announced a new multitiered partnership to release its latest wearable with Web3 integrations. The Western Art Dept. denim jacket has been created in collaboration with artist Jeremy Booth, technical collaborators LTD.INC, and the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP). This new release takes Web3 integrations to the next level and is expected to be highly sought after by collectors and fans alike.

The jacket features an NFC tag that connects to an NFT designed by Booth, which serves as a means of increased authentication and proof of ownership. Additionally, the cowboy hat patch on the right shoulder, in Booth’s iconic vector illustration style, will enable the first 300 collectors who meet up with Booth at NFT NYC to claim an exclusive NFT, thanks to the team at POAP.

Booth shared some insights into the inspiration behind the jacket, explaining that it was inspired by lab coats you might see in Daniel Arsham’s art studio, but with a Western art twist. The collaboration will take place in two stages, with the first stage being the reveal of the custom Wrangler jacket made for Booth for NFT NYC, including previously mentioned POAP integrations. The second stage will see Wrangler and LTD work with Booth to create a limited quantity of Western Art Dept. jackets for the public, with more details regarding release mechanics, price, and date to be shared in the near future.

The Global Creative Concept Director of Wrangler, Sean Gormley, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that Booth’s work brings a fresh and exciting take to Western art in the digital realm. The custom jacket is a fusion of Western heritage and tech innovation, with historic black selvage denim fabric made in the USA, and Jeremy’s custom-designed patches and embroidery, all made in Greensboro, NC. Daryl Kelly, CEO of LTD.INC, highlighted that the demand for physical goods backed by NFTs is booming, and this project further showcases the benefits of launching “phygitals.”

Wrangler and Jeremy Booth have built brands focused on authenticity rooted in Western cowboy culture, and the collaboration will infuse that authenticity and transparency onto the blockchain. Kelly emphasized that phygitals transform products into communication channels that engage collectors on a deeper level, encouraging product interaction that builds brand awareness, increases transparency, and drives loyalty. Once LTD’s white glove marketplace goes live, secondary royalties and sales will be active for various phygital offerings.