World of Women (WoW) has announced the return of its highly anticipated seasonal Artfest on May 4th. The event will feature an impressive lineup of talented female artists and offer NFT rewards to WoW and Wow Galaxy NFT holders.

To participate in the event and claim art, attendees must have held a WoW or WoW Galaxy NFT based on a snapshot taken prior to the festival. Each WoW/Galaxy Planet features 15 artists, with collectors being able to claim one art piece per wallet, free of charge aside from gas fees.

In addition to the NFT rewards, World of Women has also organized a bonus raffle for collectors who complete quests or collect a full set of all 15 artworks. Those qualifying will secure a place on the leaderboard and stand a chance of winning additional prizes.

The World of Women Artfest is a celebration of female artists worldwide and aims to empower and promote their work. The festival occurs four times a year, marking the end of each season, with all featured artists receiving an upfront fee and 80% of the secondary royalties being shared among them.

Collectors can continue to earn points and rewards after Artfest by collecting and holding art through Full Moon Snapshots and completing WoW and WoWG Full Sets. The event has gained attention from art lovers and collectors worldwide and is set to dazzle the NFT world with its talented lineup of female artists.