Web3 education leader Curious Addys and NFT education provider Zeneca are joining forces to introduce HeyMint, a novice-friendly non-fungible token (NFT) platform designed to assist creators in developing their inaugural collections.

HeyMint, with its mission to simplify the minting process for creators and to facilitate the entry of newcomers into Web3, aspires to be a user-friendly, fair, and affordable creative tool. The platform allows creators to upload their art pieces, select their preferred blockchain, arrange a whitelist presale, and enforce royalties. Currently, HeyMint supports Ethereum and three Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains – Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

The platform does not charge creators to list their collections, and it levies a nominal fee of $1 per mint on collectors.

Curious Addys CEO Mai Akiyoshi explained to CoinDesk the necessity for tools that welcome creators into the Web3 environment, rather than deter them with intricate procedures.

She remarked, “We identified that crafting smart contracts is particularly challenging, and even NFT standards like ERC-721 or 1055 are not truly standardized. With our extensive experience in educating our community, we aim to invite more individuals unfamiliar with NFTs.

Both Curious Addys and Zeneca have already generated $5 million from their respective NFT collections and have collaborated with renowned brands such as Universal Music Group and the World of Women NFT collection. Previously, Zeneca established Zen Academy, an online course designed to introduce new NFT collectors to Web3.