The world is witnessing a surge in the popularity of smart glasses, which were previously seen as mere novelties. These advanced devices are now captivating the interest of both ordinary consumers and professionals across various industries, including healthcare and manufacturing, due to their ability to significantly enhance productivity, creativity, and overall performance. As the global market for smart glasses continues to grow, reaching an estimated value of $12.76 billion by 2030, key players in the industry are emerging. One of these industry leaders is Vuzix, which has been at the forefront of augmented reality technology. Recently, Vuzix introduced an updated version of its top-tier smart glasses, the Vuzix Blade 2, which boasts features such as exceptional ergonomic design and full protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Let’s examine these impressive smart glasses and the features they provide in more detail.

The Vuzix Blade 2 is reviewed for its design and specifications. Like many of the top smart glasses available in the market, these wearables are specifically designed to prioritize comfort. The Vuzix Blade 2’s sleek and stylish appearance is similar to that of regular eyeglasses, making it highly portable and compact.

Designed to empower professionals in different industries, these glasses are lightweight, durable, and have a non-intrusive form factor. The cushioned components and UV protection further enhance their ergonomic design, making them suitable for use as regular sunglasses.

At the core of the Vuzix Blade 2 is an Android Operating System that enables it to pack significant power into a small frame. It features a high-efficiency Qualcomm processor capable of supporting a range of enterprise-focused applications. Moreover, these glasses can easily integrate with different mobile devices for content management and collaboration.

Vuzix Blade 2

The tech specs include:

  • 480 x 480 color display 
  • Wave guide protection technology 
  • 20-degree field of view 
  • Brightness of up to 2000 nits 
  • 24-bit color 
  • Available prescription inserts 
  • ANSI Z87.1 safety certification 
  • Full UV protection lenses 
  • Integrated in-temple speakers 
  • Dual noise-cancellation microphones 
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • 8 megapixel camera for streaming 
  • Auto-focus 
  • Integrated barcode scanner 
  • 3-degrees of freedom head tracking 
  • 3 axis accelerometers, gyrometer, and compass 
  • Multi-lingual voice control and touchpad 
  • Companion app for Android and Ios 
  • 40GB of built-in memory 

In addition to their advanced features, the Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses come equipped with rechargeable batteries that can last all day. These glasses are designed to endure different environments, with excellent protection against temperature and humidity.

Customers can also customize their glasses by adding extra accessories, such as a set of sunglasses lenses that can be easily clipped onto the main device. This feature provides additional flexibility, allowing users to utilize the glasses in different settings and situations.

Vuzix Blade 2 Review: The Benefits 

The Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses are available for purchase in several regions, including the UK, US, EU, Canada, and Japan. These glasses are specifically designed to meet the needs of connected workers and are mainly intended for enterprise use, enabling frontline workers to access critical data in a hands-free and heads-up display.

In addition to the integrated memory, these tools can integrate with common MDM solutions for device management, making them easy to use alongside a range of devices and enterprise software options. With robust connectivity solutions, the Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses support both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks and deliver exceptional 24-bit color images, whether they are being used indoors or in direct sunlight.

The smart glasses offer several benefits, such as their connectivity solutions, ease of use, and impressive image quality. These features make them an ideal choice for enterprise use and provide frontline workers with critical data and a hands-free experience.

Collaboration tools: They are designed to facilitate collaboration. They feature noise-cancelling microphones, a camera for streaming video, and stereo speakers. The device can be used with popular apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, TeamViewer, and Cisco Webex. Compared to previous Vuzix Blade devices, the Blade 2 has upgraded connectivity capabilities.

Comfortable design: The smart glasses have been designed with all-day wear in mind. They are lightweight, durable, and conform to ANSI Z87.1 regulations. Additionally, the device can be customized with prescription lenses and sunglass shades. The glasses provide full UV protection and are built for consistent wear.

Ease of use: They are intuitive and easy to use. Users can choose from a range of control options, including touch interface and multi-lingual voice commands. The companion app for Android and iOS allows users to configure and manage settings from their mobile device. The solutions can also integrate with MDM tools for device management.

Powerful operating system: Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses run on Android 11 with a Qualcomm processor. The enhanced operating system and chipset facilitate the use of a wide range of enterprise applications. Users can access data and information with ease while enjoying consistent audio and visual quality.

Increased storage: The previous version of the Vuzix Blade smart glasses had limited internal storage, requiring users to access secondary SD cards for additional storage. However, the Blade 2 comes with a standard 40GB of storage, which is sufficient for most applications, including those with a large amount of data.

Vuzix Blade 2: The Bottom Line

After testing the Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses, it’s clear that they represent a significant upgrade over the previous iterations. These advanced AR glasses provide a hands-free computing solution with various benefits, making them a great option for enterprise use. With their lightweight design, robust operating system, and numerous connectivity features, the Vuzix Blade 2 glasses are an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their productivity and collaboration. Overall, the Vuzix Blade 2 glasses offer an innovative AR experience and could be an ideal solution for a wide range of industries.