Voxels, a dynamic and awe-inspiring player in the Metaverse space, has once again astounded its community with an impressive tech upgrade. The platform now offers a highly immersive VR experience, allowing fans to engage in its versatile virtual playground like never before. This upgrade comes with support for both Oculus Quest and Windows Mixed Reality browser clients, providing a rich and astounding environment for its proponents.

Looking to the future, Voxels has ambitious plans to further develop its VR technology. The team is currently working on adding hand tracking and a VR builder to the platform, as well as a new feature called ‘Parcel Events Mode’ that will enhance performance for large gatherings, and additional moderation tools.

In conjunction with this exciting announcement, longstanding CEO Ben Nolan has revealed that he will be stepping down from his leadership position to focus on coding and development. While an interim CEO will take over the day-to-day operations, Mr. Nolan remains dedicated to the Voxels vision and will continue to work towards building a better world for its users.

“I don’t want to go back to the CEO role, fending off all those emails from investors and business partners, and just a whole bunch of crap that I hate. I just want to program and focus on making the product better and building a better world for you all.” – Ben Nolan – Not the CEO of Voxels”