Voxels, the player-built Metaverse, has recently launched a series of physical merchandise that allows its fans to showcase their support for the platform in the real world. The available items include clothing, hats, mouse pads, phone cases, badges, and a Voxels logo sticker that can be affixed to any flat surface. These items are available in various colors and sizes, and interested buyers can peruse the complete collection on the Redbubble Voxels shop.

The Voxels merchandise collection caters to a range of budgets, with stickers starting at $1.55, soft iPhone cases at $27.27, T-shirts at $25, and dad hats at a minimum of $30. Voxels offers a hassle-free returns policy, allowing buyers to return items for a full refund if they are not entirely satisfied with their purchase.

Voxels is a player-built Metaverse that provides its users with the ability to explore, make friends, attend events, purchase virtual land, create costumes, display art, and host parties. Voxels is akin to a combination of Minecraft and Facebook, where users can use blocks to build anything, add text, images, gifs, audio files, and more. Voxels enables its users to build various projects in its Metaverse and monetize them, as demonstrated by Roots in Ego, which celebrated its first anniversary recently by playing in its dedicated mini-movie theater. Fans can watch the movie by visiting the theater on Voxels and using their mouse to navigate around.