San Francisco-based NFT platform Vibe has raised $4 million in seed funding from a group of investors, including Alchemy Ventures, Aglaé Ventures, and P Nation, the music label owned by K-Pop artist Psy. The funds will be utilized to expand the platform’s capabilities and offer creators a range of tools to manage and customize their non-fungible collectibles.

Vibe’s goal is to make NFTs more dynamic and programmable, offering creators a more intensive set of tools to curate and personalize their collections. The platform plans to integrate embeddable features such as ticketing, loyalty points, and physical redemption options, with all NFTs deployable and bridgeable on all chains.

Vibe’s CEO and Founder, Rachel Chu, stated that the true value of NFTs comes from their programmability and dynamism, enabling creators to incorporate unique features into their collections. By simplifying the entire process and transforming digital assets into “actual products,” the project hopes to capitalize on the growing market of NFTs and their innovative use cases in the future.

With the support of renowned investors, Vibe’s successful fundraising round showcases the widespread belief in the company’s ability to revolutionize the NFT realm and reshape how individuals perceive and use digital collectibles.