Beloved cartoon characters, The Smurfs, are embarking on a new adventure in the world of Web3. The Smurfs’ Society is a pioneering Web3 community that aims to merge collective and individual interests, creating an inclusive community with exclusive rewards. This community uses NFTs to engage, build and align digital communities.

The Smurfs’ Society has launched a bucket auction for 3,000 NFTs based on Smurf characters, which will run until April 20th. The collection will eventually include 12,500 NFTs featuring 250 different Smurf characters with over 350 different traits. The auction is open to anyone, and the market will dictate the price of the mint, giving the community control and a way to gauge market conditions. The top bidders will receive Radiant, Platinum, or Gold Fusion NFTs.

The project is introducing a concept called “Proof of Collab” which aims to demonstrate the tangible value of Web3 communities by leveraging the power of collaboration. This concept gamifies community engagement and rewards collective intelligence, offering exclusive benefits to members who actively participate in the community.

The Smurfs brand has partnered with renowned artists and creators like Philippe Druillet, Fafi Birtak, Antonyo Marest, Chase, and André Saraiva to bring iconic characters into the Web3 world. These partnerships aim to revisit the Smurfs’ universe and bring it to life in new and exciting ways in the Web3 world. The Smurfs’ Society has partnered with Rarible to ensure a smooth and secure auction experience.