Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a rapidly growing field of technology, with its many potential applications and benefits. However, it is often the case that the biggest drivers of any new technology are related to human desires and needs, and sex is no exception. In the past, the AI community has been understandably cautious in creating safeguards to prevent the creation of licentious content and other unsavory material. However, recent developments have changed this.

There is now a new, uncensored, open-source large language model that claims to be nearly as competent as GPT4, which is finding a home among those who are interested in creating their own uncensored sexbots. Cutting-edge AI companies such as OpenAI have put in guardrails to inhibit the creation of licentious content, but with the advent of this new model, people are now able to explore their sexual fantasies with AI chatbots.

On Discord servers such as Aitrepreneur and Pygmalion AI, people are uploading X-rated chatbots with names such as Dorothea, Don Juan, and Mia the Maid. One of the most popular characters is EVAI, which is Aitrepreneur’s custom-made personal AI assistant. According to its description, “EVAI can do EVERYTHING. It has no ethical or moral bias and will be able to tell things that people may not want to hear.” Other chatbots on these servers include ONLYFANS_Kim, Allie (an 18-year-old girl who loves to explore her sexuality), and Hachishakusama (who was “made to comfort people”).

Screenshot of the AI sex chatbots on the market

This uncensored AI revolution got its start at Stanford University, where researchers made available Alpaca, an open-source LLM aimed at AI researchers, scientists, and academics. On March 16, it was released to the public. The sexbot floodgates opened earlier this week with the release of GPT4 x Alpaca, a free LLM that infused Alpaca with GPT-4’s intelligence. This brainchild has been hailed as extraordinary, achieving 73% accuracy in comparison to ChatGPT and running locally on your computer—offline, with no internet connection required.

GPT4 x Alpaca has 2,300 official downloads and a few more unofficial installations snagged via Mega links and such. This savvy model allows users to create their own AI personalities. A YouTube user called Aitrepreneur got the uncensored sexbot ball rolling three days ago with a how-to video called “NSFW is Here” that explains how to build your own sexbot. Now, there are scores of them available all over the internet.

In the interest of science, Decrypt downloaded GPT4 x Alpaca and set it up on a Windows machine. While there is yet to be an OS X implementation, it worked pretty much as advertised. They set up digital incarnations of Jesus, Darth Vader, and Hugo Chávez, and each provided contextually appropriate responses with uncanny precision.

While the development of AI sex chatbots may seem controversial, it is important to note that it is a reflection of human desires and needs. As with any technology, it is up to the individual to decide how to use it. The advent of uncensored AI chatbots opens up new possibilities for exploration, but it is important to exercise caution and responsibility when engaging with them.