The NFT aggregator Rarible has announced that it will support Tezos NFTs, including those from popular platforms such as Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia. Last week, Rarible also added support for Polygon listings from OpenSea, making it one of the first platforms to offer this level of cross-chain capability.

Tezos has become increasingly popular among Web3 participants because it is a more environmentally friendly alternative to other energy-intensive blockchains, and it has become a leading choice for various decentralized applications, NFT collections, and brands. Popular artists such as XCOPY, Blake Kathryn, Killer Acid, Fvckrender, John Karel, and others have also minted on the platform. Major brands like McLaren and the California Department of Motor Vehicles have also adopted Tezos for its environmental friendliness.

Rarible has noticed the growing popularity of Tezos among artists and its commitment to creator royalties, which aligns with its strong stance on enforcing fees. By adding Tezos support, Rarible hopes to further its mission to be a community-centric platform. Rarible’s Co-Founder and CEO, Alexei Falin, shared that “we see aggregation as beneficial for artists and creators as well because it opens the door for their creations to be discovered by new sets of eyes.”

In addition to its aggregated marketplace, Rarible has been focused on advancing its community marketplace products. It recently expanded its offerings to include a self-serve marketplace builder for Polygon-based collections, making it easy for anyone with an Ethereum or Polygon NFT collection to create their own custom marketplace with just a few clicks. For brands and collections that require more customization, Rarible also offers a white glove service for all chains supported on its platform.

Rarible’s move to aggregate listings from multiple blockchains is a significant step for the NFT industry as a whole, providing users with deeper liquidity and access to more listings than ever before, all on one platform. Other platforms are taking note, as the entire space begins to shift towards complete multi-chain interoperability. Rarible remains committed to its mission of elevating creators and their communities and being a community-centric platform.