A new partnership has been established between Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA), a company co-founded by New York-based and Chicago-born artist Nina Chanel Abney, and Avant Arte, a leading contemporary art platform. The collaboration aims to merge the physical and digital art realms, and will begin with the release of Abney’s NFT collection called Super Cool World.

Avant Arte will offer collectors of Super Cool World NFTs an exclusive 48-hour window to purchase a unique print for any of the digital works they own. Each print will be priced at $820 and come with Avant Arte’s signature bespoke boxing. Avant Arte has been known for producing high-quality prints in London with its master printmakers.

This new collaboration seeks to bridge the physical and digital art worlds, which has been an ongoing mission of both GODA and Avant Arte. The partnership intends to increase the legitimacy of these artists’ projects by merging their digital work with the already accepted physical medium. The use of NFTs and blockchain technology is expected to open up the world of collecting art to more people and help more artists to focus on their work and earn a living purely from their art. GODA and Avant Arte’s upcoming release is a continuation of their mission to bridge these worlds, which has been consistently curated through partnerships with artists like Tom Sachs, Grant Yun, Fvckrender, NessGraphics, and more, with releases in a range of physical mediums, including sculptures, figures, and prints, all with various Web3 integrations. This collaboration will serve as an opportunity to turn NFTs into a physical print that can be enjoyed daily. Through Avant Arte’s high-quality execution, the handcrafted elements and bold colors found in Abney’s work will come to life, allowing her community to enjoy their collected works in a new setting, and in some cases, be the first piece of physical art for some. The groups’ partnership with Abney is expected to continue beyond this initial release, bridging the digital and physical art worlds.