On Thursday, the real-world social metaverse platform, Spotselfie, announced the launch of its Meta Store feature. This feature provides university students with digital land on their campuses, where they can open Web3 businesses and earn money through the platform’s advertising portal. The Meta Store includes digital stores and spatially-linked adverts for student small and medium enterprises, organizations, and social media groups.

According to Ray Shingler, the co-founder, vice-president, and director of product development for Spotselfie, the goal is to prepare students for the future of the Metaverse and allow organizations of all sizes to participate in its development. The feature offers entrepreneurial opportunities for students and aims to bridge the gap between the traditional business model and the new digital world.

Students can receive their first meta store for free, register their accounts, and access a 100-foot-wide circle of geocached real estate to place their AR meta store. Spotselfie’s platform allows users to advertise their services and items, and store owners keep 100 percent of all revenues from the services at the location. Shingler emphasized that the Meta Store feature offers students the means to boost their shops and services while also offering exclusive resources and goods.

During an interview, Shingler explained how Spotselfie’s privacy-focused platform aims to avoid data mining of personal details and information, with the goal of cultivating a more human-centric, decentralised, and profitable AR social metaverse through its urMojo social platform. The initial Spotselfie app was recently launched at Purdue Social metaverse at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. This initiative provided businesses with leased ‘Spotlands’ to expand their outreach with AR-backed technologies.