Sparkles, the largest open non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace on the Songbird Network, has recently been launched on Flare, becoming the first NFT platform on Flare, a layer one oracle network for blockchain interoperability.

Sparkles is renowned for its environmental focus and currently handles over 90% of NFT sales on Songbird. With the integration of Flare’s native interoperability features, Sparkles plans to unlock new use cases for NFT holders, including protecting NFT intellectual property (IP) rights. Its upcoming DOTM collection will feature on-chain IP licensing to support this endeavor.

Flare’s State Connector protocol allows for secure, scalable, and trustless off-chain information storage, while its Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) delivers highly decentralized real-world data without relying on centralized sources.

Hugo Philion, Flare CEO and Co-founder, expressed his delight at Sparkles continuing their NFT platform development on Flare. He looks forward to seeing Sparkles evolve into a community-owned platform that pushes the boundaries of NFT innovation on Flare and supports digital artists in their journeys.

Sparkles is also the only NFT marketplace in the blockchain space to have achieved an environmentally positive status, thanks to its collaboration with SCB, a leading carbon commodity firm. Both companies estimate that Sparkles has already exceeded its pledge to become net-zero by 2030.

Mohamed Kanoun, the Sparkles Founder, stated that the platform would become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with the launch of the SNFT token facilitating the transition. A completely decentralized NFT platform would be a notable development in a space that is currently dominated by centralized players.