, a groundbreaking music empowerment platform, has recently launched a mobile-optimized interface with a new navigation system and audio player. This move is part of Sound’s continued efforts to enhance user experience and promote adoption.

Established in 2021, Sound has been supporting music artists in creating Web3 communities and monetizing their work through NFTs. To date, Sound has enabled musicians to earn nearly $5 million through the platform. One of its main offerings is the listening party, where creators can sell early access to new music as NFTs, allowing true fans to collect proof of being early supporters. Furthermore, budding stars can interact with their fans, share song royalties, and contribute to future projects.

With the recent integration, Sound’s users can now easily navigate the platform, create playlists, and expand the audio player to view the currently playing content. Sound aims to provide emerging artists with a platform to build a community and monetize their work while ensuring they are fairly compensated, in contrast to traditional platforms that often pay mere pennies per stream.

David Greenstein, CEO of Sound, has stated that the platform’s primary objective is to get music heard and artists paid. Sound has already proven popular and has the potential to revolutionize the music industry.