Calbee Inc., one of Japan’s leading snack food makers, recently announced the launch of its new promotional campaign “NFT Chips” on the Astar Network. The campaign is set to create a new and exciting way for customers to interact with the brand, while also raising awareness and adoption of blockchain technology in Japan.

As part of the campaign, consumers who purchase a pack of Usu-Shio, Consomme-Punch, or Nori-Shio potato chips can claim a free, evolving Potato NFT by participating in an origami-like game called “Ori-pake.” To obtain an evolving Potato NFT, players must follow the folding instructions on the package and confirm completion by scanning it with Calbee’s “Lbee Program” app. Each time a new Ori-pake is registered after eating a bag of chips, the NFT will evolve. Participants who register five Ori-pakes will witness their NFT become one of many characters from the “Jagaverse” virtual world.

Additionally, one hundred lucky winners who obtain a “gold character” in their Wappa wallet will be given six free bags of potato chips. Moreover, individuals with a fully evolved Potato NFT will be granted access to novel digital experiences in the coming days.

Calbee’s partnership with DataGateway was instrumental in making the NFT Chips campaign possible on Astar. Together, they developed the Wappa data wallet with Hakhudo and CryptoGames, allowing customers to own and manage their evolving NFTs. The Wappa wallet operates on the fundamental belief that personal data rightfully belongs to the individuals who generate it, not the corporations seeking to leverage it. This ensures genuine data sovereignty, where any information stored within the Wappa wallet can only be shared with individual companies anonymously and solely with the consent of the wallet owner.

The Astar Network, a multichain smart contract platform, supports the NFT Chips campaign. With Astar Network’s cross-consensus messaging (XCM) and cross-virtual machine (XVM) capabilities, developers can create decentralized applications (dApps) using both EVM and WASM smart contracts while achieving true interoperability. In addition, Astar’s Build2Earn model enables developers to earn income through a dApp staking mechanism for the code and dApps they create.

Sota Watanabe, CEO of Astar Network, expressed excitement over the use case on Astar Network, adding that he would like to make a future where Japanese people use Astar Network without knowing what blockchain is. Astar Network has emerged as a leader in the NFT craze that’s taking over Japan, as many of the country’s top brands are embracing the possibilities of Web3. The network was voted the most popular blockchain in Japan by the Japanese Blockchain Association in 2022 and recently topped Coingecko’s list of Japan’s most popular coins.

Calbee NFT Chips campaign on Astar is expected to generate significant consumer interest and further increase the popularity of NFTs in Japan. Through this partnership, Calbee and Astar aim to raise awareness and adoption of blockchain technology in Japan while offering a fun and engaging way for customers to interact with the brand.