Rivals, a new multiplayer survival video game set in the Wild West, presents an exciting opportunity for those with a keen eye and unrelenting will to survive. The game is exclusively multiplayer and based on its own NFT collection, with the primary objective being to endure and thrive in a harsh and unforgiving landscape.

Players can choose to adopt the roles of sheriffs or bandits, depending on how they want to play the game, and embark on exhilarating adventures in pursuit of gold. As a sheriff, players can bring their own gear into the fold, while bandits are dealt the hand they are given. The game requires players to manage their hunger, thirst, and health while using gathered or stolen materials, with hostile players and animals posing significant threats.

The game’s extensive and varied landscape provides players with opportunities to engage with the environment by infiltrating enemy camps, mines, forts, and towns and arming themselves with bows, guns, and melee weapons for protection. Players can gather resources and loot across the entire map during each game session, called a “Blitz,” which comes with a specific time limit and necessitates extraction from predetermined locations.

Dynamic weather conditions and a day-night cycle add a layer of realism and complexity to the game, demanding adaptability and resourcefulness from players. Rivals delivers an engaging combination of stealth-action gameplay and strategic elements, enabling players to adopt diverse approaches to overcome challenges. The game has a lifelike AI perception system that heightens the sense of realism, complemented by authentic ballistics and damage mechanics.

Access to Rivals is granted through the Rivals NFT, which serves as the gateway to the game, allowing players to personalize their characters and choose from various maps for exploration. These choices significantly impact gameplay strategies and survivability, allowing for tailored experiences based on individual preferences. Skins provide cosmetic enhancements that elevate the value of a player’s collection, while each uniquely crafted blueprint NFT remains exclusive to its creator.

Ahead of the game’s launch, Rivals is set to unveil a cutting-edge mining quarry system that serves as a crypto miner for the game’s exchange currency, $RVS. Accessible via the game’s official website, this innovative system requires players to stake their NFTs to participate in mining activities. As players stake, they will accumulate the $eRVS game currency, which they can use to upgrade their quarry by making $eRVS purchases within the website’s dedicated shop, enhancing their mining capabilities and potential rewards.

To promote an open, transparent, and community-driven NFT game, the Rivals Council will comprise elected $RVS token holders responsible for governing and maintaining the protocol. This inclusive approach facilitates Rivals Change Proposals, empowering the community to actively suggest modifications to game patches and updates, thereby shaping its ongoing development.

Rivals also incorporates the Rivals Emporium, a dynamic marketplace where players can trade items, exchange resources, and actively participate in evolving the in-game economy. The game intends to launch an ICO for its $RVS governance token, which holds monetary value and can be traded on an exchange. Once the ICO is completed, the mining quarries will become tradable assets on a separate marketplace, allowing players to buy, sell, or rent their quarries to others, fostering a dynamic and thriving player-driven economy.

Following the launch, the project’s roadmap includes a game trailer, token smart contract, initial game prototype, DAO release, 3D model airdrop and exchange, IRL merch, capture mechanic, Rivals keys for in-game utility, and the introduction of horses. Rivals promises an unforgettable gaming experience, merging the worlds of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and multiplayer survival gameplay.