RTFKT, a company owned by Nike, has launched a new software development kit (SDK) to support artists and creators in the NFT realm. The feature-rich kit offers a range of powerful tools and resources to help users learn, experiment, and design innovatively. The SDK serves as a bridge between RTFKT’s NFT project and Blender, a popular 3D creation software, allowing users to combine the innovative digital ecosystem of the NFT project with Blender’s powerful 3D modeling capabilities to experiment with new techniques, designs, and concepts.

Furthermore, as part of its ongoing efforts to nurture and empower its creative community, RTFKT has launched an educational program. The Creator Program aims to empower creators from all backgrounds by providing education, resources, networking, and opportunities to develop their skills and carve out their unique creative paths. Participants will have access to workshops, hands-on tutorials, and challenges to build up their skills, grow, and achieve their creative goals.

RTFKT encourages artists to push the boundaries of their imaginations using these tools and educational resources and has introduced Creator Challenges to unlock their full potential. These challenges offer participants an opportunity to get noticed, build an audience, and open up new career opportunities within the NFT space while also providing rewards and opportunities for establishing connections within the sector.