Roobet, a popular crypto casino game platform, has announced a partnership with music icon Snoop Dogg. The partnership was revealed in a press release, which included a statement from Snoop Dogg expressing his excitement for the collaboration. In the statement, Snoop Dogg referenced Roobet’s kangaroo mascot, saying, “Turns out, I’ve been a kangaroo this entire time.” He added that the partnership “just feels natural” and that they plan to “blaze a trail for the future of online entertainment.”

Despite being illegal in several countries, including the United States, Roobet claims to have facilitated over 3 billion wagers since its launch in 2019. The platform’s partnership with Snoop Dogg is expected to help expand its international reach and engage a wider audience.

Snoop Dogg has been involved in the crypto industry for some time and has made headlines in 2021 for his involvement in the metaverse. In addition to partnering with Roobet, Snoop Dogg also purchased a lot in The Sandbox, a virtual world platform, for $450,000.

The partnership between Roobet and Snoop Dogg is expected to result in several events and raffles, including a meet and greet and backstage passes. With Snoop Dogg’s international fan base and Roobet’s innovative approach to online entertainment, the collaboration is poised to change the game and set new standards for the industry.