Sky Mavis, the company behind the Ronin Network, has announced the launch of $RON staking, a major development in the platform’s ongoing evolution. Token holders can now stake their $RON tokens directly, thereby earning rewards and helping to secure the network. The Ronin Network currently has 22 independent network validators, including Nansen, Delphi Digital, and Animoca Brands, to name a few. This initiative comes as Ronin seeks to become the preeminent launchpad for Web3 gaming.

Sky Mavis CEO, Trung Nguyen, explained that $RON staking would offer more options to the community, with users now able to delegate their tokens to validators based on their contributions to the community, uptime, and commission rate. Nguyen further noted that the amount of $RON tokens earned would be contingent on the validator selected and the amount of tokens staked.

In addition to $RON staking, Ronin has announced the imminent launch of several new play-to-earn (P2E) titles. This initiative comes as the company aims to expand its P2E gaming initiative beyond Axie Infinity, which was limited by high gas fees and network congestion. New games include The Machines Arena, a team-based shooter developed by Directive Games, Tribesters: Island of Solas, an immersive narrative-driven game from Tribes Studio, and Axie Champions, an Axie Infinity-inspired puzzler from Bali Games, among others. Ronin’s expanding ecosystem and growing number of game studios make it well-positioned to become one of the top gaming blockchains in the industry.