Roblox, the popular online multiplayer game that allows players to build their own games and socialize with friends, has reported mixed earnings for the first quarter of 2023. While the company saw a 22% increase in revenue and daily active users (DAU), it still reported a net loss of $268.3 million, which was attributed to developer exchange fees, personnel costs, and infrastructure.

Despite the mixed earnings report, Roblox hit a new all-time high in DAU with 66.1 million users, a 22% increase from the same period last year. The game also saw a 23% increase in “bookings,” which are purchases of Roblox’s in-game virtual currency, Robux.

Roblox Chief Financial Officer Michael Guthrie characterized the company’s Q1 performance as strong, and CEO David Baszucki emphasized the company’s mission to be a technology platform that enables creators.

While Roblox is considered a “proto-metaverse” by some, it remains a closed “Web2” ecosystem, and digital items and virtual currency cannot be carried onto other video game platforms. Some in the Web3 space advocate for an “open metaverse” where players truly own their items as NFTs, which can be used across games and platforms and sold as desired.

Recently, Roblox began experimenting with scarce digital items that act like blockchain-based NFTs, but they remain locked to the Roblox platform. Despite the fading hype around the metaverse, Roblox continues to see growth and has hired engineers and staff while other tech firms have conducted mass layoffs.

In conclusion, Roblox’s mixed earnings report revealed a surge in daily active users and revenue, but the company still faces challenges with its closed Web2 ecosystem. As the debate around the metaverse and NFT ownership continues, it remains to be seen how Roblox will adapt to meet the changing demands of its users and the wider gaming community.