RMS Titanic Inc., the organization behind the renowned exhibition of the 1912 shipwreck – The Titanic, has joined forces with Artifact Labs, a Hong Kong-based NFT firm, and Venture Smart Financial Holdings, to bring the physical relics of the iconic ship into the world of blockchain technology. Through NFTs, collectors and fans will have the opportunity to securely and uniquely own a piece of Titanic history.

Artifact Labs intends to launch the Titanic DAO, which will manage the 5,500 physical artifacts recovered from the ship and any future finds, allowing members to participate in activities and initiatives related to the Titanic Artifacts. The objective of this collaboration is to put the legacy of the Titanic in the hands of the global public, with each NFT representing a physical artifact, complete with a detailed description and provenance. The project is slated to launch later this year, with auctions and sales taking place on Artifact Labs’ platform.

This groundbreaking initiative marks the start of a new era in art and collectibles. For more than a century, the Titanic has captured the public’s imagination, and its story has been told in books, films, and exhibitions. However, the NFT platform offers a new and innovative way for collectors to own a piece of the Titanic’s history. The collection includes items such as a bronze cherub from the Titanic’s grand staircase, a gold pocket watch found on a victim, or a leather suitcase with a rare label. Each artifact has a unique story to tell, and each NFT presents a chance to own a piece of that story.

This partnership comes at a time when Hong Kong is striving to establish itself as a virtual asset hub. Recently, the city unveiled new regulations aimed at regulating the virtual asset industry, paving the way for more innovation and growth in the sector. As a result, Hong Kong is now attracting top-tier players in the industry, like Artifact Labs and RMS Titanic.

The partnership between RMS Titanic, Artifact Labs, and Venture Smart Financial Holdings highlights the rising importance of NFTs in art and collectibles. NFTs have the power to authenticate and protect intellectual property, transforming how we perceive ownership and value. This project is a gateway to a world of possibilities in this thrilling new space.