The concept of virtual worlds and the Metaverse has been growing in popularity over recent years, with the introduction of AI and NFTs offering new opportunities for immersive experiences. However, there are still many challenges that lie ahead for these technologies to be adopted by the masses.

According to RFOX VALT co-founder and CEO Ben Fairbank, there is a lot of untapped potential for AI and NFTs in the space. However, the challenges developers face in the journey toward mainstream adoption of the Metaverse and virtual reality are also numerous.

RFOX VALT is an up-and-coming virtual reality and Metaverse platform allowing users to purchase highly customizable apartment spaces.

Q: While AI solutions are gradually entering the mainstream, the Metaverse and NFTs are still far from mass adoption. What are the main challenges for virtual worlds that integrate these technologies?

The concept of virtual worlds may not be new, but the introduction of immersive VR experiences that make up the Metaverse poses some barriers to entry that are yet to be ironed out. Virtual reality headsets are still considered to be expensive, and are classified as luxury items. Moreover, the UX for blockchain interactions surrounding NFTs is often confusing and clunky without upside benefits to the end user, other than purely speculative revenue-generating opportunities for early adopters. This, however, is all rapidly changing as Metaverse platforms are being developed.

Q: What inspired you to explore the intersection between the Metaverse, AI and and NFTs?

A Metaverse should be, by its literal definition, a platform that offers immersive experiences that are made possible by the introduction of cutting-edge technology. A logical progression from static 2D interfaces was to move toward wide-reaching, borderless and decentralized 3D environments and experiences.

NFTs offer proof of ownership, voting rights to their holders, and myriad reward and redemption opportunities. Combined with that, by integrating AI technology, we can offer end users the ability to create art, digital content, intuitive learning platforms, asset and brand creation — and all without the need to be versed in coding.

Q: Can you tell us about the concept behind RFOX VALT apartments and how the platform leverages AI technology?

Apartments act as personal spaces for owners. They can be shaped to act as an area for socializing, events, as a creator studio, for meetings and presentations, as well as a great space to hang out with friends and family. We wanted to showcase the full suite of tools and technology we have by offering apartment owners the ability to customize their space and be limited only by their imaginations. AI integrations play a central role there, allowing users to create unique textures and objects to personalize their apartments just by using text or voice prompts.

RFOX VALT Studio Apartment

Q: How does RFOX VALT aim to make virtual apartment ownership accessible to everyone?

Apartments will be central to the RFOX VALT metaverse and will host events and gatherings, product launches and offices. These will be a combination of private and public access, as determined by the owners. Accessibility both through purchase on the secondary markets, renting (which will be introduced later) and general public access will mean that everyone can enjoy these spaces.

Q: How do RFOX VALT apartments enable user collaboration and social interaction?

RFOX VALT is a globally accessible multiplayer Metaverse environment supported on all major platforms, including VR headsets, smartphones and PCs. The environment supports cross-platform play, allowing interaction through proximity-based chat, content creation for streaming and distribution, and AI tools allowing users to build together, create, and launch social experiences, assets and brands — all through their apartment spaces.

Q: How does RFOX VALT plan to stay ahead of the competition and continue to innovate in the Metaverse? What is your most important goal for 2023?

Our most important goal is to open the platform and release the tools that will launch the creator economy, ranging from easy-to-use AI creation tools to the RFOX VALT Unity SDK for professional builders.

To stay ahead of the competition, we must continually innovate and keep introducing the latest AI technologies, including AI-powered NPCs and companions, additional creator SDKs and our overarching user portal. Most importantly, we need to engage the communities and creators who will build immersive experiences in the RFOX VALT.

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