Orange Comet, a leading Web3 gaming and entertainment company, is proud to announce its first partnership with renowned child art sensation Joe Whale, also known as The Doodle Boy. This exciting collaboration will see the launch of “The Remarkables Collection by Joe Whale,” a mesmerizing collection of 3D animated critters inspired by Joe’s original doodle characters.

Joe Whale, at the age of 13, has already made a name for himself with a series of high-profile collaborations with iconic TV shows, Hollywood legends, and sporting heroes, as well as gallery showings from London to New York. With this new venture into the world of virtual art, Joe is excited to see his drawings come to life in new formats through the power of animation.

The debut of “The Remarkables Collection” will feature 3500 digital collectible assets that will be available to mint on OpenSea on April 25, with a presale of NFTs starting on April 12 on Each unique piece of art will showcase Joe’s signature black marker style, brought to life as a high-resolution, animated digital character by the talented design team at Orange Comet.

Acquiring one of these superbly rendered digital collectibles will grant holders access to a wider “The Remarkables” universe, where they can become part of an exclusive club of like-minded individuals who can rediscover their inner child, share their passion for creativity, and find joy in fun. Holders of “The Remarkables” NFTs will also have the opportunity to receive original signed artwork, physical sneakers decorated by The Doodle Boy, signed art prints, custom collectibles, and even a meet and greet doodle session with Joe himself.

While “The Remarkables” project kicks off as a digital collectibles venture, the possibilities for these wonderful critters are endless. From appearing on the big screen to being held, hugged, worn, and collected in merchandise and toys, “The Remarkables” are poised for greatness. Joe Whale’s partnership with Orange Comet is a testament to his continued ascent in the world of Web3 and the wider entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Orange Comet is thrilled to collaborate with Joe Whale, aka The Doodle Boy, on “The Remarkables Collection,” a groundbreaking foray into the world of digital collectibles. With Joe’s incredible talent and Orange Comet’s expertise in Web3 gaming and entertainment, this partnership is sure to captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of doodle enthusiasts. The future is bright as “The Remarkables” project blurs the lines between Web3 and the wider entertainment world, and Joe Whale’s star continues to rise in his artistic journey. So don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this remarkable journey and join “The Remarkables” community today. Sign up for the allowlist now for a chance to secure a guaranteed spot on the drop.