Ready Player Me, a company that provides digital avatars for the metaverse, is launching a trial of its generative AI avatar creator. The avatar creator allows users to use text prompts to customize and stylize their avatar’s outfit with the help of DALL-E’s generative AI art platform. This trial is part of Ready Player Me Labs, a new division focused on testing new and innovative features. The trial version is available for free and serves as a testing ground for new features before they are released to the public.

Ready Player Me wants standards for interoperable avatars.

The company’s CEO, Timmu Tõke, stated that the goal of the trial is to make it easier and more fun for people to create their avatars and get more people, not just 3D artists, to be creative with new tools. The company wants to tap into AI to unlock new workflows and processes for their team to scale and continuously build tools and services for developers and users to build things they can’t even imagine. Tõke added that the goal is to be the default provider of digital avatars for the metaverse and establish standards for interoperable avatars.

You can customize a Ready Player Me avatar with Dall-E.

To date, Ready Player Me has partnered with over 6,000 apps, games, and virtual world developers and has raised a total of $72.5 million in funding. The company has also established partnerships with major brands such as L’Oreal, Adidas, BMW, Calvin Klein, and New Balance to bring mainstream fashion and technology companies to the metaverse. Tõke mentioned that in the company’s early days, it was focused on data science and computer vision, but with the arrival of generative AI like Stable Fusion, the company has shifted its focus back to it and chose DALL-E as it was easier to implement.

In the future, the company plans to add new experimental features to its Labs, including AI-based avatar stylization, gender-neutral body types, diverse body shapes, and age preset options. Tõke stated that the company will turn to AI if it means it can get people over a barrier where they feel they don’t have the expertise to be creative. The company is confident that the tool will surprise users over time and allow them to experiment more to get the kind of look they like.

In conclusion, the launch of the generative AI avatar creator trial by Ready Player Me is a step forward in unlocking the creative power of AI and its capabilities for digital customization. The company is dedicated to giving users full control over how they present themselves in the metaverse and wants to be at the forefront of understanding how things are changing in the industry.