The Venice Carnival has teamed up with Ready Player Me to enter the Metaverse and offer a virtual experience of the historic event to a global audience. Through the Venice Virtual Carnival initiative, visitors can create digital avatars, dress them up in iconic Venetian costumes, and join the festivities, regardless of their physical location.

With the help of Ready Player Me’s platform, participants can create full-body 3D avatars by taking a selfie, and use them to access the Metaverse. The limited-edition 3D crafted masks and costumes, including the Colombina and Arlecchino, are available in classic versions with traditional colors or in a premium gold version.

Once visitors dress up their avatars, they can transfer them to any compatible Metaverse, thereby bringing the magic of the Venice Carnival everywhere. This collaboration is similar to the carnival’s partnership with Roblox, where visitors can also dress up their digital avatars and showcase them in the Metaverse. With this new partnership, even those who didn’t attend the Venice Carnival can now experience it virtually and collect digital souvenirs.

Venice Carnival Accessories Now Available for Purchase at the Official Shop

The official shop of the Venice Carnival offers participants the opportunity to purchase various digital products and accessories to enhance their avatars. These items include skins, masks, and special bundles featuring the Arlecchino and Colombina costumes, all of which are available indefinitely for those looking to personalize their Web3 identity.

In addition to these items, visitors can also collect a digital carnival souvenir by purchasing the holographic card of the Original Sign mask. The card features the latest hologram-printing technology, allowing buyers to experience the magic of an immersive metaverse through a physical memorabilia. These holographic cards can be purchased online or at the Tourist Information and Reception Offices in Venice.

Every year, the Venice Carnival is organized to honor the cultural heritage of Venice. The event creates a mystical ambiance by encouraging participants to dress up in traditional costumes and walk through the streets, celebrating their freedom of expression and creativity. Fortunately, with the Venice Virtual Carnival initiative, anyone from any part of the world can join in the revelry and experience the magic of the carnival throughout the year.