Esteemed NFT consortium, Proof, has announced a collaborative partnership with Mona, a pioneering 3D world-building platform, to construct the “Moonbirds Monaverse.” This digital universe is set to serve the Moonbirds community with a variety of interactive features such as town halls, art unveilings, viewing parties, and an array of engaging experiences.

This announcement was made at the currently running Consensus conference, where an initial preview of the digital world was showcased during the “100 PROOF” podcast. Both parties have stated that Mona will provide crucial technical assistance to Proof in their endeavor to construct and grow this virtual universe.

Moonbirds, launched in April 2022, is an NFT project comprising 10K PFPs, with NFTs providing owners access to this distinctive community. The forthcoming Metaverse represents the next phase in the evolution of this highly successful collection, which has witnessed over $644 million in sales since its inception.

Moonbirds Monaverse: Delivering Unique Experiences to Holders

Kevin Rose, the co-founder and CEO of Proof, has stated that the goal is to offer Moonbirds holders unparalleled experiences that meld “immersive art and technology.” He further elaborated that “the world Mona has created opens up a novel avenue for Moonbirds holders to socialize and appreciate digital art in a shared space.”

This development is encouraging news for the Proof community, which recently saw the introduction of a new collection exclusively available to Moonbirds holders. This collection, named “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition,” showcases works from 22 artists, including NFT luminaries like Beeple, Terrell Jones, and Summer Wagner.

This announcement comes four months following Proof’s partnership with the United Talent Agency, a move designed to facilitate brand expansion beyond the confines of the Web3 domain.