Polygonal Mind, a renowned blockchain gaming company, has debuted the relaunch of Tomb Chaser, the first-ever platform game in Decentraland. With its new twist, the game has now transformed from a sacred Egyptian pyramid into a cyberpunk pagoda infused with spirituality and tech. Additionally, the game now embodies the mysticism and power symbols of an Aztec temple, making it even more exciting.

What sets Tomb Chaser apart from other platform games is its rewarding system. Players who complete the game will earn the exclusive ‘Uxmal Mask,’ a reward that is only available to those who survive its dastardly obstacle course. However, for the most skilled players, an even more prestigious reward is up for grabs – the ‘OG Uxmal Mask.’ To compete for this prize, players can participate in the Launch Challenge, which is open until May 28th. This event will test participants’ skill and determination as they compete to be among the top 10 performers, who will receive mythic prizes and recognition.

Tomb Chaser is a fascinating game that incorporates a new and exciting lore, adding to the excitement of playing the game. With its initial structure as a sacred Egyptian pyramid, the game has now transformed into a cyberpunk pagoda, embodying a fusion of tech and spirituality. The relaunch of Tomb Chaser adds the mysticism and power symbols of an Aztec temple, adding to the excitement and anticipation of what secrets the game holds.

The game is an excellent opportunity for players to test their gaming skills and join the growing Decentraland community. Polygonal Mind encourages players to follow their social media platforms and join the launch challenge today. In conclusion, Tomb Chaser is an exciting platformer that offers a new twist to the original game. Its new lore adds to the excitement, and the launch challenge is a great opportunity for players to test their skills and win exciting prizes. The game is a must-play for anyone interested in blockchain gaming and looking for a new and challenging experience.