Overlord, a Web3 project, has partnered with development studio Revolving Games to create a new sci-fi game based on its popular Creepz Lizard NFTs. This exciting announcement was made on March 24, eliciting a positive response from fans of the NFT project.

According to Don Smith, co-founder of Overlord, the game, which has yet to be named, will take place on multiple planets and universes. Both the project and the game developer are committed to providing a title that is easily accessible across chains right from the outset. Players can expect to be immersed in various alien civilizations, each with its own storyline. Smith explains that “Each species has its own motivations and skills and, due to their unique abundance of resources and technological advancements, have different styles of conquering their enemies.”

Overlord’s Web3 gaming strategy aims to achieve mass adoption by focusing on delivering excellent gameplay first, before turning attention to game economics. As Smith notes, the company recognizes the need for blockchain gaming to build out infrastructure that simplifies the technology’s many elements for developers to provide a smooth gaming experience. Therefore, Overlord hopes to achieve mainstream adoption by making the blockchain “invisible” to players. As Smith states, “Players should get all the brilliant benefits of asset ownership and on-chain mechanics without necessarily being aware that it is happening on-chain.”

This announcement follows Overlord’s recent revelation that it is collaborating with Stoopid Buddy Studios, owned by Seth Green, to develop an animated series based on its lizard NFTs. Green, a renowned actor and director and an avid fan of Overlord, holds some of its collectibles.