Last weekend, NFT Paris brought together thousands of Web3 enthusiasts, who were treated to a fashion show featuring NFT-based apparel in addition to panels and exhibits. Fashion designer Danit Peleg, who specializes in leveraging new technologies, used the event to unveil her first collection of 3D-printed apparel inspired by Nouns. The Ethereum-based project, which was launched in 2021, auctions one new NFT daily and uses the proceeds to fund community-driven and open-source intellectual property.

Peleg brought five outfits to the conference, each inspired by specific NFTs in the valuable profile picture (PFP) collection, as well as the overall Nouns brand. Her designs included the familiar boxy Nouns glasses or “Noggles,” as well as detailed recreations of some of the avatars that have been minted to date.

Each piece was designed using various 3D printing technologies, including Polyjet, which allows for multiple colors and textures, and Multi Jet Fusion, which produces velvety textures. Some of the clothing featured hinges between the little Nouns characters, while others were glued together using printed pieces.

The 3D-printed apparel alongside the NFT inspiration. Image: Dor Sharon

Peleg said that Nouns’ open-source, Creative Commons 0 (CC0) model was a major draw for her. The approach allows anyone, even those without Nouns NFTs, to create and sell their own projects and products based on the brand. In fact, NFT holders regularly fund projects using the treasury of funds from the daily auctions.

With almost $45 million worth of ETH currently sitting in the Nouns treasury, the project has funded a wide array of initiatives, from comic books to TV pilots, fashion projects, and even a float in this year’s Rose Parade. Peleg received $140,000 in funding from Nouns to develop, construct, and showcase the 3D-printed apparel, granted across three milestones.

Peleg is renowned as a pioneer of 3D-printed fashion. Her initial collection, created as a student in 2015, went viral online, and she followed that up with a TED Talk that has received nearly 2 million views. Her work was also featured in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

In conclusion, Peleg’s collection exemplifies Nouns’ focus on providing opportunities for experts in various fields to collaborate with an open-source brand. It remains to be seen whether 3D-printed Nouns apparel will eventually make its way into everyday fashion, but Peleg has expressed interest in showcasing her collection worldwide and is contemplating an open edition NFT drop for the digital assets, as she has done with her past 3D-printed fashion designs.