Ultraman enthusiasts will have the chance to acquire a rare digital collectible of their choice starting March 1 at 12pm UTC. The Ultraman Phygital Series is a unique offering that includes both digital collectibles or NFTs and physical figurines.

This phygital project is the brainchild of Beast Kingdom, a leading platform for collectibles. The team behind the project states that this release is a special one, marking several anniversaries that are significant to Ultraman. These include 55 years since the inception of the iconic Japanese pop culture superhero, the 25th anniversary of Ultraman Tiga, the 15th anniversary of Ultraman Mebius, and the 10th anniversary of Ultraman Zero.

According to an official statement, the Ultraman NFTs will be offered through ‘Standard’ packs containing 5 NFTs and ‘Premium’ packs containing 15 NFTs, with each pack containing various rarities. There will be six different rarities in total: common, uncommon, rare, epic, exotic, and mythic. The mythic, exotic, and particular combinations of NFTs will reward holders with redemption tokens that can be exchanged for limited-edition physical figurines.

To participate in the Ultraman Phygital Series sale, fans will need to create a WAX-compatible wallet as the NFTs will be available for purchase through AtomicHub. For standard and premium packs, fans can purchase them using a credit/debit card and WAXP tokens. It is important to note that each transaction will have a purchase cap. However, fans can re-enter the queue as many times as possible as long as the drop is still ongoing.

The early bird sale will commence at 12:00pm UTC on March 1, with the main sale taking place at a later, unspecified time. In total, there will be over 300,000 digital collectibles and over 20,000 exclusive physical figurines available for purchase. This phygital series provides fans of Ultraman with a unique opportunity to experience the iconic character in a whole new way.