Coca-Cola has recently launched Create Real Magic, a digital experience that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to offer an interactive platform for users to create art. The technology utilized in the initiative is powered by ChatGPT and Dall-E, allowing for almost limitless creative possibilities.

Although the campaign is open to all users in supported countries, Coca-Cola has primarily marketed it to artists, offering a competition that will showcase the best works at its Time Square and Piccadilly Circus locations. By leveraging marketing innovation, the company is digitizing many of its interactions and creating an innovative and engaging experience for its consumers. The platform and competition are free to participate in and provide Coca-Cola with a surge of digital assets that it can use in its advertising campaigns.

Additionally, the company will select 30 creators to participate in a three-day workshop, the “Real Magic Creative Academy,” to create content that can be used for Coca-Cola’s licensed merch and digital collectibles. The initiative is a tangible and innovative program that democratizes the brand’s iconography and advertising assets, offering digital artists a unique opportunity to showcase their talents.