NBA Top Shot, the premier non-fungible token (NFT) platform for sports, has announced its plans to launch a series of mobile applications that will enable fans to engage with their services more efficiently via their mobile devices. This announcement was made on February 16, and Jennifer Van Dijk, Senior Vice President of Sports Partnerships at Dapper Labs, confirmed that this step is necessary since up to 75% of the platform’s traffic comes from mobile web usage. However, purchasing and handling NFTs through a mobile browser can be quite challenging, necessitating the need for mobile applications.

Dapper Labs, the creator of Flow blockchain, is the parent platform of NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, and UFC Strike. By introducing mobile applications for both Android and iOS users, the company is taking the first step toward becoming a mobile-first Web3 organization. Speaking to the press, Van Dijk emphasized that “The NBA Top Shot app will really be the start of our move to be a mobile-first company,” allowing Dapper Labs to “lead the way in what mobile looks like in Web3 and continue our path of wanting to bring everybody to Web3.”

So, what can users expect from the NBA Top Shot app? Initially, the app will have limited features, allowing users to view their NBA Top Shot NFT collections, receive notifications of drops, purchase a starter pack of NFT moments, and see platform activity. As time goes on, more features will be added.

While this news is certainly welcome for Web3 supporters, some questions remain. Many are curious about how Dapper Labs intends to work around the expected cut on NFT sales from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. For example, Apple requires a 30% cut, making primary sales to mobile users more expensive.

Van Dijk explained that Dapper Labs is aware of this issue and is working closely with Apple and Google to find an amicable solution. “When we present a price, that will include everything that would be taken out or managed by us on the back end, and the consumer will have that price,” she said, adding that “we’re committed also to keeping prices reasonable for fans and making them accessible.”