Morrison Hotel Gallery, a prominent provider of music-related photography, has released an extraordinary NFT collection featuring iconic electronic musician deadmau5. Titled ‘Shadows,’ the collection presents a fascinating exploration of Joel Zimmerman’s multifaceted persona, both as himself and as his alter ego, deadmau5. The striking images were captured by celebrated celebrity photographer, Timothy White.

Now available on MakersPlace, the ‘Shadows’ collection comprises four distinct digital photographs of Zimmerman, revealing his dual life as a composer, producer, record executive, and web3 entrepreneur, as well as his renowned DJ persona, deadmau5. The collection highlights the depth of Zimmerman’s creativity and the intricacies of his character.

The NFT collection consists of four captivating photographs that offer an intimate portrayal of the DJ. The first, ‘Alter Ego,’ is an ultra-rare 1 of 1 digital collectible, accompanied by a museum-quality co-signed photograph that illustrates Zimmerman’s duality. The second, ‘Chairman of the Board,’ is an auction for one of five editions of a co-signed museum-quality photograph representing Zimmerman’s creative empire. The third, ‘Me and My Shadow,’ features a limited run of 10 intimate portraits of Zimmerman and his Deadmau5 shadow. Lastly, ‘Dormau5’ offers an open edition mint that represents the separation between Joel Zimmerman and his deadmau5 character.

In addition to the digital collectibles, the initial purchaser of ‘Alter Ego’ will receive a museum-quality 30″ x 40″ phygital print co-signed by both artists. The sale of the fifth piece in the ‘Chairman of the Board’ collection will initiate an additional auction for a 20″ x 24″ phygital photographic print, also co-signed by both artists.

Timothy White, an esteemed celebrity photographer with over three decades of experience, masterfully captured the four compelling photographs in the ‘Shadows’ collection. His work offers an unparalleled insight into Zimmerman’s personality and creative genius.

The ‘Shadows’ collection embodies the power of collaboration and the creative vision of Zimmerman and White. By merging their talents and experimenting with innovative technology, they have produced a series of photographs that celebrate the artistry of one of the most influential electronic music artists of our time. Each image in the collection narrates a different aspect of Zimmerman’s story, illustrating his artistic evolution and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the electronic music scene.

The Deadmau5 x Timothy White ‘Shadows’ collection, presented by Morrison Hotel Gallery, is a must-have for any fan of electronic music or photography, offering an unparalleled insight into the world of Joel Zimmerman and his alter ego, deadmau5.