MoonPay, a leader in cryptocurrency payment infrastructure, has joined forces with NFT artist and photographer Julie Pacino to collaborate on her debut feature-length film. The movie is based on Pacino’s NFT-native photography collections, “I Live Here Now” and “Keepers of the Inn.” Pacino is an advocate for NFTs and Web3 and has previously participated in TIMEPieces’ Build a Better Future Genesis drop in 2021.

Through her “I Live Here Now” collection, Pacino utilized photographic stills to develop the characters, resulting in a psychological horror film that centers around a struggling actress who encounters a mysterious presence that forces her to question her reality while facing her resurfacing childhood trauma while staying at a secluded hotel in the woods. Pacino has directed several well-received short films under her production company, Tiny Apples, including “Hard Work,” “Nowhere to Go,” and “Harmony in Gold.” She strongly advocates for integrating Web3 technology into the film industry, enabling NFTs to liberate artists from relying solely on major studios and crowdfunding platforms for financing.

Pacino expressed her excitement for teaming up with MoonPay, explaining that the partnership aims to pave the way for the next generation of artists entering Web3. The collaboration follows MoonPay’s acquisition of Web3 creative agency Nightshift, now rebranded as Otherlife. MoonPay’s objective is to onboard as many people as possible to Web3, and supporting Pacino’s work could substantially enhance its brand awareness and overall goals.

Tom Capone, Head of Entertainment at MoonPay, commended Pacino’s pioneering efforts in Web3 and predicted that her project would become a milestone in modern filmmaking. Apart from the feature film, Pacino is collaborating with MoonPay on a new NFT portrait series called Hollywood Mornings, scheduled for release later this year. The partnership represents a bold move towards integrating Web3 technology, NFTs, and filmmaking, providing a glimpse into the future of decentralized and democratized creative industries.