Moongate, a platform that aims to revolutionize the event ticketing and membership industry by creating immersive and engaging experiences through the use of dynamic NFTs, has partnered with Avalanche developer Ava Labs to design NFT campaigns. Moongate is focused on the “phygital” aspect, giving digital experiences a new dimension of value in the physical world.

Moongate’s NFTs allow event attendees to unlock or earn upgradable rewards and access based on real-life interactions. By using the platform, businesses can easily create NFTs and integrate them into their events and other operations. Moongate’s end-to-end platform caters to all levels of crypto knowledge, from seasoned crypto users to relative newcomers.

The platform also prioritizes post-NFT-minting management, providing businesses with creative and engagement possibilities beyond those of traditional ticketing and membership platforms. With Moongate’s easy end-to-end solution and Avalanche’s speed, security, and reliability, the integration will enable businesses to launch NFT campaigns that drive engagement while providing a more efficient ticketing and membership system.

Recently, Moongate and Ava Labs launched a concert showcasing an Avalanche Park X Ed Balloon series at Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. All of the roughly 1,000 concert attendees received a free Avalanche Park NFT upon arrival, which unlocked unique experiences, including a raffle via MynaSwap for a pair of rare shoes from Cool Kicks.

The event demonstrated the potential of dynamic NFTs to create engaging, gamified, immersive experiences that can foster real-world interactions and generate revenue. By partnering with Ava Labs and building on Avalanche, Moongate aims to stay at the forefront of innovation and continue driving NFT adoption in the event ticketing and membership industry.