In a groundbreaking blend of fashion and technology, the Web3 startup MNTGE has expanded its product line by introducing physical apparel to its collection. The new range, named the “Fruits & Veggies jeans drop,” features vintage jeans equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) tags tied to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The launch event took place on April 26, featuring a limited edition of 100 pairs of upcycled vintage Levi’s denim jeans, curated by the startup’s co-founder, Sean Wotherspoon. An exclusive presale was initially offered to access pass holders, who had the privilege to acquire a pair for just $200. Post presale, the jeans were made available to the general public, with a slight price increment of $50.

MNTGE: Striding Towards a Digital-Physical Fusion With this launch, MNTGE also announced the opening of its physical apparel store, the MNTGE Market. This development represents a stepping stone towards the startup’s broader vision, which, according to co-founder Nick Adler, encompasses both the digital and physical realms.

Adler elaborated that their endeavors up until now have been focused on fostering a community of collectors within the Web3 ecosystem. Now, with a solid community foundation in place, the company is poised to evolve into a broader, culturally embraced entity.

Each pair of the vintage jeans boasts an NFC tag from IYK, another Web3 startup, discreetly tucked behind the Levi’s label. Scanning the tag allows buyers to claim a complimentary NFT minted on Polygon. This NFT acts as a certificate of authenticity for the apparel and offers future benefits within the MNTGE ecosystem, like access to token-gated events and exclusive experiences. Adler mentioned that IYK is also exploring partnerships with music festivals, where NFT holders would enjoy special privileges.

“We want you to walk to music festivals and get playlists. We want you to feel like you have special access or special seating,” Adler said.

Moreover, MNTGE aims to be the go-to choice for artists seeking collaborations, creating an image of a forward-thinking brand rather than a mere merchandise provider.