Mindverse, a generative AI firm based in Singapore, is set to launch its global closed beta soon, with a focus on Web3. The platform offers a range of tools that enable customers to create intelligent virtual beings, or AI Geniuses, that can assist businesses with sales and service delivery. The closed beta will be launched on April 18 and April 21 through a series of webinars, during which a limited number of users will have access to the tools and can test the performance. The closed beta is open to journalists, developers, creators, distributors, or enterprise users at no cost, with a license to explore the MindOS technology.

Mindverse’s MindOS technology enables users to train AI Geniuses by feeding them industry-specific knowledge. The technology is supported by a customizable Large Language Model (LLM) that allows the AI Geniuses to understand and generate human-like text in response to user queries on a website or service. These AI beings can also be deployed as NFT avatars in various Metaverses to provide user guidance in a particular virtual world. Mindverse’s platform has applications beyond Web3 and can be used by e-commerce and retail businesses, travel and hospitality, gaming, educational platforms, and others.

Users of MindOS can customize the appearance, personality, knowledge domain, and app integration of their AI assistants before deploying them. The technology currently supports 30 languages and has more than 1,000 pre-designed AI beings with a 97% success rate with their deliveries. Users can train these AI Geniuses using unsorted data from product documents, onboarding manuals, or even full websites before rapidly onboarding them to deliver high-quality responses that resonate with a given brand’s voice.

Mindverse’s closed beta launch comes after the platform signed a partnership deal to roll out customizable chatbots for a large e-commerce platform dealing with beauty and cosmetics. It has also signed several deals with e-commerce SMEs. Fangbo Tao, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindverse, expressed his excitement at the imminent launch, saying, “We welcome feedback from Closed Beta participants and look forward to learning how users creatively deploy MindOS to solve productivity bottlenecks, boost conversions, and reduce the drudgery of mundane tasks.”

Kisson Lin, Co-Founder and COO of Mindverse, is equally upbeat about the upcoming launch. In a statement, she notes that the core technology of MindOS is fine-tuned, controllable LLM that allows users to balance the conversational fluency of an LLM with the need to provide true information and align with a brand’s voice. Lin sees Mindverse’s role as acting as a bridge between unwieldy LLMs and the very specific needs of particular industries like e-commerce, hospitality, customer service, automotive, gaming, education, and MICE. Mindverse will kickstart its closed beta on April 18th, with the open Beta following a little later in May.