London, United Kingdom, Date – Metacade, a GameFi project that is gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting blockchain-based gaming platforms of 2023, has successfully completed the final stage of its token presale. The company raised over $500,000 in just 24 hours, and the total raise amounted to $12.4 million. The token presale has been accompanied by a series of positive developments, including the unveiling of UI designs, a comprehensive overview of the staking pool, and the launch of the Metacade referral program.

The MCADE token is scheduled to list on several exchanges, including BitMart and Uniswap, once the presale ends on March 30, 2023. Users can participate in the Metacade presale by visiting the company’s website.

Russell Bennett, CEO of Metacade, expressed his gratitude to the project’s supporters and investors, saying, “We’re proud to have achieved so much in so little time and extremely grateful for the support of our loyal Metacaders and investors in the project. We’re now gearing up for the exchange listings and for our Q2 product launches.”

Metacade is one of the first community-driven arcades in the blockchain space, offering a wide range of play-to-earn (P2E) games that reward players with the native MCADE token. The platform aims to become a central hub for Web3 users by providing an additional earning mechanism that caters to a diverse range of blockchain enthusiasts.

The whitepaper outlines plans for a pioneering Metagrants program that will see the company invest in new gaming projects using the community treasury to fund the next generation of blockchain game developers. Developers can submit funding applications for assessment by the Metacade community, with the most popular ideas receiving crypto investments to support game production. The first Metagrant game is scheduled to launch on the platform in Q1 2024.

Tokens are available for purchase until the 30th of March, or until sold out. Interested parties can visit the company’s website to participate in the presale.

Metacade has been audited by CertiK, a leading blockchain auditor, to verify that the project specifications and code have been reviewed, and the Metacade team has passed KYC. This stamp of approval puts Metacade on par with other CertiK-approved projects such as Aave, Polygon, and Chiliz.

With the imminent launch of exchanges and the success of the presale, there is enormous potential for continued growth in Metacade’s value, especially if the project continues to develop at its current pace. The platform has the potential to become the premier destination for gaming in the metaverse, offering gamers a one-stop-shop for generating income, building careers in Web3, and connecting with the broader gaming community.