As Yuga Labs garners attention with its Bored Ape Yacht Club, the company’s other non-fungible token (NFT) project, Meebits, quietly marks its second anniversary with innovative updates to its collection. The latest version, dubbed MB1.2, introduces the concept of living profile pictures (PFPs), enabling holders to customize their assets without altering the underlying metadata. This enhancement also extends to HTML-enabled NFT marketplaces.

Meebits has incorporated ‘moods’ as part of this update, allowing NFT holders to express emotions through their PFPs. Users can now choose from 13 different moods within the partnered application, which will then synchronize with compatible marketplaces without affecting the digital asset’s metadata.

MB1.2 is merely the beginning of a series of planned upgrades aimed at adding personality to users’ PFPs. The partnered application also offers features like capturing still images and GIFs of the collectibles in new poses, which holders can use to personalize their profile pictures across social media platforms.

Meebits has further refined its collection by extending the sleek render style introduced in MB1.1 to full-body avatars. The update also optimizes metadata to ensure seamless integration with various virtual worlds and games, thereby breaking down barriers to interoperability.