NFT Butler has emerged as a significant player in the NFT market, providing users with a powerful tool that can give them an edge in mass bidding on OpenSea. This bidding automation tool has been designed to help users snag their desired tokens by creating automated tasks for collections and traits, which can be configured to bid on each NFT with a specific bid price and validity period. The tool’s speed of up to 7,000 bids per hour on OpenSea is unmatched, and it automatically outbids competitors.

According to the company data, NFT Butler is a 100% automated bidding bot that is constantly improving and becoming easier to use. With its automated looping and dynamic filters, users can enjoy a hassle-free experience, reducing the need for manual user interaction. Users can create tasks and let them run forever, providing complete control over their bids while automating the entire process.

The bidding tool features a new search engine that gives users a better view of the details of a collection and its traits. The tool enables users to bid on rare NFTs based on rarity scores, traits, and many more parameters without paying any gas. Bidding is gas-free, meaning users do not have to worry about the high transaction fees associated with buying and selling NFTs. The analytics and search features allow for filtering collection prices and volumes, which can greatly assist in the research process.

NFT Butler recently underwent a significant upgrade to OpenSea’s Seaport 1.4 version, resulting in increased speed. PRO access is now available for serious NFT bidders, offering maximum bidding speeds, the ability to run up to 100 collection/trait bidding tasks simultaneously, and boosted instant counter bidding. Base subscription members have access to all of these features too, but are required to use NFTButler as a prefix in the OpenSea Username, thus promoting the tool in a very viral way.

NFT Butler started about one year ago and has grown to become one of the players dominating the bidding tool market. Bidding has shown to be quite market resilient, generating stable profits through the bear market, and with NFT Butler users get all the tools they need to do so successfully. The bidding tool’s lifetime pass is consistently traded at 2 ETH, and it receives weekly updates and offers subscription options for more affordable entry.

To provide more value to its users, NFT Butler has a growing professional trader community that has flipped thousands of NFTs since December 2021. Users can expect to benefit from recurring educational events that will keep them up-to-date on the newest releases and how to get the most out of NFT Butler. Paid mentoring sessions are also available for those that want to speed up their entry into the bidding game.

Interested collectors can unlock all the core features of NFT Butler for three days by entering the code “!redeem NFTPLAZAS23” in NFT Butler’s ‘get-a-trial’ Discord channel. The tool’s lifetime pass is a cost-effective option for a fully automated tool without an auto clicker, and users can be assured of its efficacy in helping them make successful bids in the NFT market.