Mattel, the creator of the iconic Barbie brand, has partnered with women-led Web3 brand Boss Beauties to introduce a unique line of on-chain virtual collectibles, celebrating the diverse range of careers Barbie has represented since its inception in 1959. The Boss Beauties x Barbie collection features NFTs designed in the signature style of Boss Beauties, showcasing 250 career paths, including artists, astronauts, CEOs, doctors, veterinarians, and pilots.

The NFTs will be hosted on Flow, the blockchain platform behind NBA Top Shot, with a pack of four collectibles retailing for $25. The collection is not available for purchase with cryptocurrency. Mattel aims to lower the barrier to entry into Web3 for Barbie fans with its accessible pricing and simplified checkout process. Boss Beauties’ mission is to introduce one million women and girls to the world of Web3.

Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s Global Head of Barbie and Dolls, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “As Barbie continues her journey in the metaverse, we are proud to partner with Boss Beauties to empower women and collectors to explore Web3 through our virtual collection.”

Early access to the Boss Beauties x Barbie collection is now available, with the official launch scheduled for May 18 at Veecon. The collectible packs will include NFTs of varying rarity, unlocking digital and real-world benefits. Each pack will contain two “common” cards, one “uncommon” card, and a fourth card of any rarity level, such as “super rare,” “ultra rare,” or “exclusive.”

“Ultra Rare” NFTs (0.67% of the supply) grant holders a limited-edition Barbie “Career of the Year” doll set, while “Exclusive” NFTs (0.47% of the cards) offer a ticket to the immersive “World of Barbie” exhibition in Los Angeles. The collection will also provide additional, yet-to-be-disclosed benefits, including physical goods and access to virtual Career Conversations with women leaders in various professional fields. Early access purchasers will receive an exclusive virtual collectible with a unique career trait to be unveiled in July, coinciding with the release of the upcoming Warner Bros. Barbie film starring Margot Robbie.

While Mattel previously launched Cryptoys last summer and a Barbie NFT line in collaboration with French fashion house Balmain, the Boss Beauties x Barbie collection is specifically referred to as a series of virtual collectibles, rather than NFTs.