David Maisel, the Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios, has unveiled the Ekos Genesis Art NFT Collection, which features original artwork by the late comic artist Michael Turner and his renowned collaborator, Peter Steigerwald. Both artists have made significant contributions to the comic book industry, working on projects for Marvel and DC Comics. The Ekos Genesis Art Collection is a unique set of digitally crafted art pieces that showcase Turner’s original line work, with some of the pieces appearing in color for the first time. The collection includes new 1/1 works that draw inspiration from various sources, including vintage Marvel comics and movies, the Pop Art movement, Marvel’s iconic black light posters from the 1970s, Broadway’s neon lights, and the creativity and energy of Web3. Additionally, the collection features artwork from the cover of Turner’s best-selling comic “Fathom” from 1998.

David Maisel expressed his enthusiasm about the project and stated, “We’ve worked so hard to create this Ekos Genesis Art Collection, and we’re now extremely excited to give people a chance to own this Ekos inspired 1/1 original hand-crafted digital art – this wouldn’t be possible without Web3.” The Ekos Genesis Art Collection is currently available for viewing on the Ekos website and will launch through a Dutch auction of 995 individual NFTs on May 2 at 10 am (PT). The auction will run for 88 minutes, starting at a price of 10 ETH and declining by 0.5 ETH every four minutes until it reaches 0.5 ETH, and then dropping to 0.2 ETH for the final eight minutes. Collectors can also secure a piece of artwork through a pre-deposit facility of 10 ETH that opened on April 24.

Moreover, the Ekos Genesis Art Collection is offering an Early Collector Bonus of an additional NFT to the first 100 qualifying collectors who make an early deposit, with the bonus NFTs selected in order of deposit times. The top six collectors overall, at the end of the auction period, will also receive unique NFTs featuring exclusive Fathom cover art. The timing of the auction coincides with the 15th anniversary of the release of “Iron Man,” Marvel Studio’s first major in-house film that served as the launchpad for the wider Marvel cinematic universe.