Joe Russo, renowned for directing the blockbuster Marvel Studios’ film “Avengers: Endgame,” predicts the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated films within the next two years. Russo envisages such advancements could revolutionize storytelling, creating a dynamic narrative landscape across various entertainment mediums.

Russo shared his insights during a panel discussion at the Sands International Film Festival in St. Andrews, Scotland. Accompanying him was Donald Mustard, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Epic Games, who suggested the possibility of AI-driven films appearing even sooner than Russo’s estimated timeline.

Russo, who serves on the boards of several AI companies, expressed to Collider’s Steve Weintraub that AI could potentially “engineer storytelling and change storytelling.” He envisioned this transformative technology creating an ever-evolving narrative in films, TV shows, or even gaming.

As an example, Russo proposed the scenario of a viewer watching an AI-generated romantic comedy featuring their photorealistic avatar opposite Marilyn Monroe. The film would incorporate dialogue in the viewer’s voice, creating a personalized, 90-minute film. Mustard echoed Russo’s sentiment, stating the industry is on the cusp of rendering photorealistic scenes in real time.

The two visionaries also discussed the prospective applications of AI in the gaming industry. Russo and Mustard anticipate AI will be instrumental in enriching the gaming world, from populating environments to curating personalized levels and game modes.

Russo proposed that AI could adjust the thematic elements of games according to user preferences, transforming a game like Fortnite into a horror experience. However, Mustard highlighted that this level of customization would require meticulous curation for the foreseeable future.

In Russo’s perspective, the true value of AI lies in its potential to democratize storytelling, empowering anyone to craft stories or develop games on a grand scale with the aid of photoreal engines and AI tools.

Ultimately, Mustard considers AI as another innovative tool for artists and creators, which, when harnessed effectively, could lead to the creation of extraordinary new forms of entertainment.