At CES, Lumus aims to bring AR glasses to the masses without the “glasshole” stigma. The company is showcasing its second-gen Z-Lens 2D waveguide technology that makes it easier for glasses manufacturers to create AR glasses that look more like regular glasses and can even be paired with prescription lenses.

The Z-Lens boasts a 2Kx2K resolution, rich colors, and a head-up display that is visible in bright daylight. The best part for prescription lens wearers is that the tech can be bonded directly to their Rx glasses, turning them into AR projections surfaces with minimal light leakage.

Lumus CEO Ari Grobman says, “AR glasses need to be impressive both functionally and aesthetically to penetrate the consumer market. With Z-Lens, we’re aligning form and function, eliminating barriers of entry for the industry and paving the way for widespread consumer adoption.”

The company has been on a patenting spree, with over 430 patents granted and an additional 540 patents pending. This puts them among the top patent holders in the AR optics space and makes them an attractive acquisition target for larger companies looking to avoid legal battles or licensing fees.