Renowned AI and NFT artist, Claire Silver, is gearing up to present her latest collection at the prestigious Louvre in Paris on March 21. Silver’s innovative use of technology in digital paintings has garnered her global recognition and acclaim from fellow artists. Combining traditional artistry with advanced algorithms and machine learning, Silver’s work features bold color schemes and hypnotic imagery. The upcoming exhibition, presented in partnership with Superchief Gallery, will feature “Can I Tell You a Secret,” a collection of 100 post-photography pieces created with AI, along with her renowned “Love in the Fourth Turning” 1-of-1 piece.

According to her artist statement, Silver views AI as a medium of liberation that extends the boundaries of imagination and is inexorably tied to the artist’s individuality. Her work challenges the notion of technology overpowering the humanity inherent to art, providing a fascinating glimpse into the future of creativity in an ever-evolving world.   Silver’s upcoming exhibition at the Louvre is a highly-anticipated event in the art world, showcasing a variety of styles and subjects. This marks yet another milestone in Silver’s career, which has seen her work exhibited in galleries worldwide and garnering a large following on social media. Recently, Silver signed with talent agency WME and has had her work showcased through Superchief Gallery NFT. Despite traditional artists’ doubts, her work has been sold at Sotheby’s London and fetched a staggering 52 ETH (over $92,000) on SuperRare for her genesis piece, “c l a i r e,” while her AI Art is Not Art collection has surpassed 1,000 ETH in trading volume on the secondary market, with 50 sales in the last 30 days.