The NFT market in 2023 has had a comfortable start similar to the previous year, and its direction in the future remains uncertain. However, optimists in the industry believe that the market will continue to grow. In the cryptocurrency space, sudden shifts in the market can result in a billion-dollar loss in just a few hours. Similarly, NFT projects can raise a billion dollars in a short period.

Despite this, the mood within the NFT industry is generally optimistic, with many new NFT projects emerging, including unique NFT projects like Bitcoin Ordinals. However, due to the oversaturation of the market, many NFT enthusiasts seek the guidance of notable NFT collectors before making investment decisions. Although many users in the NFT space, including whales, often prefer to remain anonymous, some collectors make their presence and assets known. These collectors attract a large following from NFT enthusiasts who hope to make significant gains in the NFT market.

The role of NFT collectors is critical, whether it is a celebrity collector or a Twitter influencer with a massive following. Many NFT users aim to invest in the right NFT projects at an early stage and avoid bad ones. Therefore, following collectors can help them identify the best projects to invest in or avoid. In this article, we highlight the top five NFT collectors in 2023.

Cozomo de’ Medici, one of the most popular collectors in the NFT space, remains anonymous but is believed to be the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. Cozomo is active on social media platforms, particularly Twitter, and is known for promoting crypto-artists and collecting NFTs from lesser-known artists. Recently, the collector donated 22 digital artworks, including a CryptoPunk NFT, to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Lex Marcano, also known as NFTGirl, is another prominent figure in the NFT ecosystem. She is reputed for helping new and up-and-coming digital artists in the NFT space and has a strong online presence, with over 90k followers on her Twitter account. NFTGirl often hosts interactive sessions, podcasts, and Twitter spaces to discuss the latest trends in Web3, making her an excellent choice for NFT enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the market.

OSF, a former Wall Street trader, is also a prominent figure in NFT circles, where he is known as a whale. OSF has since moved beyond collecting NFTs to creating and building a range of NFT related projects. He has over 170k followers on his Twitter account, where he talks about NFTs that have caught his eye, provides market analysis, and offers guides to his followers. OSF also uses another Twitter account, DeGenzNFT, to provide analysis on upcoming NFT drops and collections from lesser-known artists.

YeahYeah, an avid NFT connoisseur and curator, is renowned for his eclectic taste in old NFTs, particularly those created in the early days of the NFT ecosystem, which he considers “historically significant.” He is also interested in crypto art and tech artists. YeahYeah is one of the leading collectors on SuperRare and has been featured on Forbes for his unique style. He is known for his insightful guides on his social media pages and received a complimentary piece from renowned digital artist Beeple.

Finally, DC Investor is an NFT investor and project advisor who entered the NFT market early, giving him a portfolio of early NFT projects like CryptoPunks, which are now worth a fortune. Apart from this reputation, DC Investor has a robust interactive presence online, with over 227k followers on Twitter. He regularly discusses trendy developments in the web3 space, from crypto to NFTs, DeFi