Hip-hop artist Lil Durk and NXTG3NZ have unveiled their new ‘7220’ phygital sneaker collection, featuring 11,111 pairs of custom-designed sneakers on the Algorand blockchain. The public minting event for the collection will go live on April 10th at 11:11 a.m. EST, with each sneaker linked to a digital token. The ‘7220’ tokens will allow holders to wear their digital sneakers across multiple Metaverses, including The Sandbox. Additionally, NXTG3NZ will gift each ‘7220’ token holder with a physical pair of ‘7220’ sneakers, which are being produced at the same factory that creates sneakers for luxury brands Balmain and Moncler in Portugal.

The digital version of the sneaker will be unveiled within 5-7 days after the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ token is minted, with the physical sneakers delivered to holders within three to five months. In addition, ‘7220’ token holders will receive exclusive benefits and memberships from NXTG3NZ, including access to real-life events with Lil Durk at festivals and shows, and early access to upcoming sneaker drops with additional music icons.

Lil Durk, who collaborated with NXTG3NZ on the collection, said, “It’s a new wave and we’re leading with NXTG3NZ. Doing it the right way, we built this for 2 years now.” Jessica Tsai Chin, Chief Marketing Officer at Algorand, expressed excitement over the partnership with Lil Durk and NXTG3NZ, stating, “This is the moment for powerful businesses to be born out of fandom and access.”

Although ‘7220’ is NXTG3NZ’s first phygital collection, the company has plans to release future collaborations with additional music and more. To learn more about the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ NFT Collection, visit NXTG3NZ’s website at www.NXTG3NZ.com