Shibuya, an NFT-driven video platform, has partnered with the Bruce Lee Foundation to establish a Web3 presence for the late martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. To kick off the partnership, Shibuya has released an open edition Ethereum NFT called “House of Lee: Genesis,” created in collaboration with the Bruce Lee Foundation. The NFT features artwork of Lee that was hand-drawn by Emily “pplpleasr” Yang and designed in collaboration with Shannon Lee, the late icon’s daughter and founder and President of the Bruce Lee Foundation. The NFT is available for purchase for 0.008 ETH each, or about $15.

The NFT, which is being billed as “your ticket to the House of Lee,” is the first stage in an ongoing Web3 collaboration between Shibuya and the Bruce Lee Foundation. While future plans for the NFT have yet to be announced, the release of the NFT has created excitement among collectors.

Open edition NFTs have been growing in popularity in recent months due to their typically affordable prices and the use of gamification techniques to entice collectors to buy and even burn multiple editions in exchange for rewards. Shibuya has been focusing on creating original video series that let NFT holders have a say in the production process. In its first project, the anime-style White Rabbit animated series, NFT holders could choose the next narrative path at the end of each segment. With the recent “Dominion X: Level 2” series, NFT owners could vote on the conclusion to each new stop-motion animated segment produced on a weekly basis.

Shannon Lee (left) and Emily “pplpleasr” Yang with the NFT artwork. Image: Shibuya

It remains to be seen whether Shibuya plans to create Bruce Lee video content within a similar model, but the teaser clip already shows that they’re working on Bruce Lee animation. The clip will also be shown on a Times Square video billboard this week in New York City amid the NFT.NYC conference.

Overall, the Bruce Lee Foundation’s partnership with Shibuya marks an exciting development for Bruce Lee fans and NFT collectors alike. The use of NFTs to create a Web3 presence for Bruce Lee is a testament to the growing importance of NFTs in the world of entertainment and pop culture. With Shibuya’s track record of creating engaging and interactive video content for NFT holders, the potential for this partnership is limitless.