Ledger, a company that specializes in secure and efficient cryptocurrency management, has launched a patronage program to support digital artists and creatives. Known as “Inspired by Ledger,” the program commissions notable web3 artists to create works that explore Ledger’s brand and objectives.

The commissioned pieces are available as timed open editions, and Ledger passholders can obtain them for free. Interested parties can view the already accessible artworks and stay tuned for upcoming drops.

By owning the [L] Market Pass – Genesis Edition or the Ledger Infinity NFT, passholders can claim special art treasures made in collaboration with artists chosen by Ledger’s curation team. In a recent tweet, Ledger expressed excitement at being able to support artists and creators through this program, and also to give back to its passholder community with exclusive access to original artwork.

Holders of the [L] Market Pass – Genesis Edition receive unrestricted access to all Inspired by Ledger artwork drops, with a claim restriction of one per pass. Meanwhile, Ledger Infinity NFT holders can claim one Inspired by Ledger drop per pass, with limited quarterly access to a specific quantity.

Both the [L] Market Pass – Genesis Edition and the Infinity NFT are available for purchase on the secondary market. The program represents Ledger’s commitment to supporting digital artists and enhancing the value proposition of its cryptocurrency management services.