The Sandbox, a leading NFT powered virtual world, has joined forces with Ledger Enterprise to provide additional security measures to businesses utilizing The Sandbox platform in the Metaverse. This partnership aims to protect enterprise clients from potential scams and hacks while safeguarding their digital assets. The partnership will also prevent the mismanagement of assets, which has been prevalent in the Web3 space over the past few years.

The partnership will feature multiple initiatives for both entities, the first of which will be the addition of The Sandbox dApp on Ledger Enterprise. This will simplify the process of acquiring LAND and interacting with The Sandbox ecosystem for Ledger Enterprise clients. Additionally, a Sandbox widget will be added to the Ledger Live desktop app.

Both companies will also promote each other’s services to their respective clients. For example, The Sandbox will recommend Ledger as a custodial service to its LAND owners, while Ledger will recommend The Sandbox to some of its interested clients. Finally, The Sandbox will migrate all NFTs held in its non-fungible token wallet to a secure Ledger Enterprise wallet to enhance security measures.

Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, stated that the platform is excited to deepen its partnership with Ledger to enhance security measures for brands entering the Metaverse. He added that this partnership would make it easier and safer for individuals and brands to thrive in the Metaverse. Alex Zinder, Head of Enterprise at Ledger, also expressed his enthusiasm for the deal, noting that Ledger Enterprise is proud to provide the peace of mind that businesses and consumers deserve.

Overall, the collaboration between The Sandbox and Ledger marks a significant step in the Web3 space, as both entities strive to enhance security measures for enterprises in the Metaverse.